Sunday, December 27, 2009

Piston Naughts 00-09

Center-Ben Wallace. Defensive dominance. Alliteration. Ben blocks. Reaction rebounds. Fail free-throws.

Power Forward-Rasheed Wallace. The trade that won a championship. "Ball don't lie." Forgot to cover Big Shot Bob. His shtick got old when he couldn't back it up.

Small Forward-Tayshaun Prince. The block that won a championship. Still skinny as an Olsen twin. Still from Compton.

Shooting Guard-Richard "Rip" Hamilton. Forced basketball video games to incorporate the mask. The mid-range game master.

Point Guard-Chauncey Billups. Mister Big Shot. NBA Finals MVP.

Bench-Antonio McDyess, Corliss Williamson, Rodney Stuckey, Lindsey Hunter, Jason Maxiell, Dale Davis, Darko.

Coach-Larry Brown. He loves you guys.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Naughts Tigers 00-09

Catcher-Pudge Signed on to a terrible roster and led a remarkable rebuild all the way to a World Series appearance... the trade for Farnsworth shouldn't cost Pudge the fact that he was beginning of the turnaround.

1st Base-Miguel Cabrera Even though he was supposed to be the third baseman but he ate his way out of that spot, he can still hit with the best of them and if he solves his problems will be the first baseman on the teens team as well.

2nd Base- Placido Polanco One of the greatest swindels ever pulled off Ugueth "The Flaming Machete" was traded for Polly who turned out to be a clutch hitter and one of the best defenders of the decade

3rd Base-Brandon Inge I hate him as a player even though he's a good person.

Shortstop-Carlos Guillen Another great trade by Dombrowski brought in one of the best all around players the Tigers have had. He's played everywhere on this roster and when healthy is a player you can build a team around.

Left Field-Rob Fick My favorite Tiger of the naughts he forced the tie in the all-star game with the game deciding RBI and actually had an arm for assists.

Center Field-Curtis Granderson Many peoples favorite Tiger until the trade to the Yankees this off season. He put together a 4x20 season and can make the spectacular play in the outfield.

Right Field-Magglio Ordonez He put together one the greatest offensive seasons ever seen by a Tiger and hit the home run that sent the '06 team to the World Series

Bench-Raburn (my favorite Tiger) Santiago (traded FOR Guillen) Monroe (power) Casey (the Mayor) Laird (all glove/arm) Pena (livin' it up in the Bay)

Verlander (chance to be an all-time great)
Robertson (gum time)

Zumaya (lighting when he's on)
Maroth (great fill in as a starter)
Todd "Roller Coaster" Jones (blew a save on my 21st but came back to Detroit and got saves)