Sunday, December 27, 2009

Piston Naughts 00-09

Center-Ben Wallace. Defensive dominance. Alliteration. Ben blocks. Reaction rebounds. Fail free-throws.

Power Forward-Rasheed Wallace. The trade that won a championship. "Ball don't lie." Forgot to cover Big Shot Bob. His shtick got old when he couldn't back it up.

Small Forward-Tayshaun Prince. The block that won a championship. Still skinny as an Olsen twin. Still from Compton.

Shooting Guard-Richard "Rip" Hamilton. Forced basketball video games to incorporate the mask. The mid-range game master.

Point Guard-Chauncey Billups. Mister Big Shot. NBA Finals MVP.

Bench-Antonio McDyess, Corliss Williamson, Rodney Stuckey, Lindsey Hunter, Jason Maxiell, Dale Davis, Darko.

Coach-Larry Brown. He loves you guys.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Naughts Tigers 00-09

Catcher-Pudge Signed on to a terrible roster and led a remarkable rebuild all the way to a World Series appearance... the trade for Farnsworth shouldn't cost Pudge the fact that he was beginning of the turnaround.

1st Base-Miguel Cabrera Even though he was supposed to be the third baseman but he ate his way out of that spot, he can still hit with the best of them and if he solves his problems will be the first baseman on the teens team as well.

2nd Base- Placido Polanco One of the greatest swindels ever pulled off Ugueth "The Flaming Machete" was traded for Polly who turned out to be a clutch hitter and one of the best defenders of the decade

3rd Base-Brandon Inge I hate him as a player even though he's a good person.

Shortstop-Carlos Guillen Another great trade by Dombrowski brought in one of the best all around players the Tigers have had. He's played everywhere on this roster and when healthy is a player you can build a team around.

Left Field-Rob Fick My favorite Tiger of the naughts he forced the tie in the all-star game with the game deciding RBI and actually had an arm for assists.

Center Field-Curtis Granderson Many peoples favorite Tiger until the trade to the Yankees this off season. He put together a 4x20 season and can make the spectacular play in the outfield.

Right Field-Magglio Ordonez He put together one the greatest offensive seasons ever seen by a Tiger and hit the home run that sent the '06 team to the World Series

Bench-Raburn (my favorite Tiger) Santiago (traded FOR Guillen) Monroe (power) Casey (the Mayor) Laird (all glove/arm) Pena (livin' it up in the Bay)

Verlander (chance to be an all-time great)
Robertson (gum time)

Zumaya (lighting when he's on)
Maroth (great fill in as a starter)
Todd "Roller Coaster" Jones (blew a save on my 21st but came back to Detroit and got saves)



Saturday, September 26, 2009

Top 25

1. Florida - Tebow should not have been in the game when he almost died.
2. Texas - Colt McCoy only misses his mustache.
3. Alabama - Wait until Saban starts recruiting...
4. Boise State - The Oregon win is looking better every week.
5. LSU - Avoided the scare this week, but won't last the year.
6. Cincinnati - Michigan State probably should have hired Brian Kelly.
7. Va Tech - The U was MIA.
8. USC - Bounced back, Washington did not.
9. Iowa - Kirk Ferentz will not go to the NFL until JoePa retires.
10. Ohio State - I don't know what to do with them.
11. TCU - A very good team in a bad conference.
12. Houston - A very good team in a bad conference.
13. Miami - The U was MIA... they don't like water.
14. Kansas - Todd Reesing and Jake Sharp like Dez Briscoe.
15. Oklahoma - The mustached man looks pretty good.
16. Michigan - Big 10 officials are awful. Anybody disagree?
17. Oregon - Are making Boise State look better and better.
18. Penn State - JoePa is owned by Ferentz and is old enough to remember slavery.
19. Ole Miss - Collapsed from being way, way, way, overrated.
20. Oklahoma State - Paid Grambling to rape them.
21. Cal - The annual Calapse.
22. Missouri - Have four wins against teams that had combined for 1 win over D-1 teams.
23. Auburn - I don't know, do you?
24. UGA - I don't know, do you?
25. Notre Dame - They show how hard it is to win when you only play 3 quarters and the other team plays all 4.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Finally a Bat

Aubrey Huff the former Devil Ray and Oriole is now a member of the Detroit Tigers. He can play third base so that Raburn can just be an outfielder after that disaster on Sunday. He can play first base which allows Cabby days off or days at DH and Guillen days off. Best of all he can play outfield which gives Clete "Country" Thomas days off and Magglio "PED" (allegedly) Ordonez days off. Hopefully the Tigers can avoid getting Mags the 80 or so at bats he needs to vest his 18 million dollar season next year. I'd almost be willing to miss the playoffs this year if it meant no mo Mags, it would free up 15 million dollars for next year, along with Sheffield's contract coming off the books they can buy a full time bat for the outfield next year and maybe re-sign Washburn. This is the lineup I'd like to see most of the time.

Laird/Avila -C

Lefty righty for 2/3 of the lineup then it's just a toss up anyway, plus the ability to switch Inge with Raburn and putting Huff at third helps the lineup, while Inge blames his knee for his second half collapse.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I hate PEDs!!!!

I hope I'm not the first person to write this. If I cared enough I could google it I guess, but I don't care enough. I HATE BOTH THE RED SOX AND THE YANKEES! When the Rays broke through last year I was ecstatic, the AL East means something new. It is not the same old, same old, cheaters don't always win, sometimes the underdog can take out the favorite. Then this year happened, somehow the SAWX won the first EIGHT game against the YANX and took control of the East, except they still trailed the YANX when this series started on Thursday. Clue to MLB EVERYONE HATES THE YANX AND SAWX, these teams are the same to everyone else, they spend a bonanza on anyone they want and if the free agents don't fit their fancy they claim that payrolls are down. This is ridiculous, Boston fans hate A-Roid because they couldn't come up with TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS to pay him. Can you imagine how bad the Mitchell Report would look if A-Roid were a SAWX player? George left out Manny and Papi because they play for BAWSTON he would left out A-ROID just the same. MLB is in a terrible state, where every player is guilty, there is no innocense in baseball.
Did Tim Wakefield use? Did Gerald Laird? Did Alan Trammell? At this point you couldn't convine Helen Keller that anyone was innocent of PEDs. Yes, PEDs, is what we have to call them, since there are so many different drugs that those guys have taken to advance themseves. The high school/college player doesn't have to blame a coach for not giving him the proper oppurtunty anymore, now he can blame PEDs whatever those are. I first heard of PEDs my Freshman year of high school when someone was hurt before football season and came back stronger then ever. The rumor existed among everyone,but who would let a coach know about him, let them figure it out on their own right? He played his senior year with no questions as I remember...
I never even thought about PEDs after that moment in conditioning drills my freshman year of high school, I didn't play much in high school football, is that my fault? I like to think that I didn't earn a spot on a team, but did I get screwed over by PEDs? Did my friends and teammates get screwed over by PEDs? I hope not, I've never really even thought about it since that one day, my freshman year when everyone heard the rumor about this one guy. Can I come up with names of people that I think may have used PEDs during HS to better themselves, YES I CAN. I'd never imagined that they would have used them until I wrote this artictle, do I think I got screwed over by drugs, not at all, I should have worked harder in the weight room, but during pratices I gave my all, did everyone? I honestly don't know, we were a BAD HS football team my senior year and didn't get much better until a new coach took over and made sure everyone started lifting weights. Do I think anyone on my bad football team beat me out of a postition because they were on a PED? No. I honestly think that I got beaten out by people that were "better" then me. I honestly can't name more the two or three people that I think may have taken PEDs on my HS football team 12 years ago, but do I think it's rampant among HS athletes now? YES, I do, with no factual information to back it up, I would assume people of all walks are taking to the PEDs as an advantage. I'm no longer shocked by anyone having a positive test and I wouldn't be shocked by anyone testing positive at this point.
Where does this leave athletics? In a terrible place where you are guilty until proven innocent. Release the names on the 2003 list MLB, Shawn Merriman is a known cheater in the NFL, Rashard Lewis just tested positive which throws the Magic's Eastern Conference run under scrutiny. No one is innocent as I see it, everyone could have done some form of PEDs, it's been 14 year since I first heard of them and not much has been down to break away from the Mark McGwire/Barry Bonds era. Athletes are suspended everyday it seems like and I'm sick of it. They just banned a certain type of swimsuit in the swimming races, how about we come up with tougher tests for the swimmers and let them wear whatever they want. Lance gets tested constantly according to him and he's never tested positive, he is the only athlete I beleive is innocent of everything, well him and Rich Garces. TEST EVERYONE PUBLICLY! This seems like the only way out. Either piss in a cup or get out the way. I would do anything to be a pro athlete but I wouldn't take an illegal drug, or was I never offered an illegal drug...

Monday, July 06, 2009

MLB All-Stars

The All Star game sucks. In every league. Those are facts. Also a fact, baseballs sucks the least. The every team gets an all star worked 60 years ago when there were ten teams in either league and only white guys played, now there are 14/16 and everyone is allowed to play. It's stupid. The Dascenzo All Stars. No A-Roids, no Eye Papi, no Manny.


Catcher - Joe Mauer, Victor Martinez. The AL only has two catchers that are any good this year, unless you play fantasy then you are wondering why B. Inge isn't on this team.

First Base - Justin Morneau, Kevin Youkilis, Miguel Cabrera. Teixera misses out because of his April.

Seond Base - Aaron Hill, Ian Kinsler. Brian Roberts is all steals and no substance.

Third Base - Evan Longoria, Brandon Inge, Michael Young. Inge and Young add depth at multiple positions.

Short Stop - Bartlett, Jeter. That's it, that's the list.

Outfield - Curtis "Muhfuggin" Granderson, Jason "Sittin on the dock of the" Bay, Torrii "Catfish" Hunter, Adam Lind "ing tower of piza", Nick "Don't call me Mark" Markakis, Carl "Stole this name" Crawford.

Utility - Ben Zobrist.

Starters - Doc Halladay, Edwin Jackson, Justin Verlander, Josh Beckett, Zach Grienke, Felix Hernandez, Kevin Millwood, Mark Buerhle. Sorry, Wakefield your ERA is terrible.

Relievers - Mariano Rivera, Andrew Bailey, Joe Nathan, Brian Fuentes.




Catcher - Brian McCann, Bengie Molina. McCann is the only deserving one.

First Base - Albert Pujols, Adrian Gonzalez, Joey Votto. Sorry Prince no meat means no power.

Second Base - Chase Utley, Freddy Sanchez. Brandon Phillips and Dan Uggla are all power no average.

Third Base - David Wright, Ryan Zimmerman, Pablo Sandoval, Mark Reynolds. Too much talent at 3B.

Short Stop - Hanley Ramirez, Miguel Tejada. The talent level in the NL is awful at multiple positions.

Outfield - Raul Ibanez, Brad Hawpe, Ryan Braun, Adam Dunn, Andre Ethier, Michael Bourne, Justin Upton.

Starters - Dan Haren, Tim Lincecum, Chad Billingsley, Javier Vazquez, Johan Santana, Adam Wainwright, Matt Cain, Yovani Gallardo.

Relievers - Heath Bell, Francisco Rodriguez, Ryan Franklin, Jonathon Broxton.


Hanley Ramirez
Raul Ibanez
Albert Pujols
Ryan Braun
Chase Utley
David Wright
Brian McCann
Brad Hawpe
Tim Lincecum

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mock Draft: NBA 2009

Los Angeles Clippers - Blake Griffin, PF, Oklahoma. No real explanation needed, it's a position they don't need right now except for the youth and small contract. Expect to see Camby (signed through 10) and Kaman (through 12) traded as soon as possible. I can't believe they are going to let Griffin hang out with Zach Randolph, but they don't have much of a choice besides cutting him outright.

Memphis Grizzlies - Hasheem Thabeet, C, UConn. They have a set point guard, shooting guard and small forward, so they need a big. I think he's fraudulent, he played in a great defensive system at UConn and will need more of an offensive game if he hopes to any good in the NBA. Memphis will pair him with Marc Gasol and ask them not to screw up the offense.

Oklahoma City Thunder - Jordan Hill, PF, Arizona. The team needs either a big or a shooting guard so they could take James Harden here. I just don't know if they know what they are doing with Westbrook yet and Rubio doesn't want to be in OKC. This pick solidifies Jeff Green as a 6th man, which might be perfect for him.

Sacramento Kings - Ricky Rubio, PG, Spain. Remember Jason Williams? This kid is better and without the issues. Ricky was one of the main cogs on the Spain team that took the Redeem Team to the limit in '08. Pairing Rubio and Kevin Martin in the backcourt is nice, right. The future is now in Sacramento, although keeping John Salmons wouldn't have hurt.

Washington Wizards - James Harden, SG, ASU. If they are committed to Gilbert Arenas as a point this pick is perfect for the new Wizards. Although, if they trade Antwan Jamison they will need a big and this pick could change. Harden was an odd player at ASU who could go games without enforcing his will on the other team, but his talent was very evident and should be a good pro for a long time.

Minnesota Timberwolves - Johnny Flynn, PG, Syracuse. It's either Flynn or Tyreke Evans and I'm guessing they choose Flynn. This moves Randy Foye to Shooting Guard or the bench but it's worth it to get Flynn. They are set at Power Forward and Center for as long as they keep re-signing Kevin Love and Al Jefferson so there isn't much of choice of positions as it's players.

Golden State Warriors - Tyrke Evans, PG, Memphis. This forces a decision to be made on Monta Ellis. He either becomes a shooting guard or you trade him. Evans' size allows you to play him with Ellis but does Ellis want to a be a shooting guard? You could also just roll with Evans and Ellis in the backcourt with neither being assigned a position. This seems to be how Don Nelson would like to roll anyway.

New York Knicks - Stephen Curry, PG, Davidson. He seems like the perfect point guard for Mike D'Antoni. He's a shooter or a passer, he can drive for a lay-up or an assist. He is basically Steve Nash 2.0.

Toronto Raptors - Gerald Henderson, SG, Duke. A team that will be rebuilding by 2010 if not earlier. Jose Calderon is set at the point but Chris Bosh and Shawn Marion could be traded by mid-season. Dejuan Blair could go here but I think that's a little early for the undersized (read short) power forward.

Milwaukee Bucks - Jeff Teague, G, Wake Forest. The best available player for a team that needs immediate help everywhere. They are good enough at every position but could be better everywhere as well. It's a very weird team.

New Jersey Nets - Demar Derozan, SG, USC. P.O.T.E.N.T.I.A.L. Pairing him with Devin Harris in the backcourt could make the Nets respectable in a hurry. He has to become a better outside shooter but the Nets aren't in a rush.

Charlotte Bobccats - Chase Budinger, SG, Arizona. The athleticism you get when you pair Chase with Gerald Wallace is ridiculous. They need a shooting guard and a power forward so it's either Budinger or Dejuan Blair.

Indiana Pacers - Wayne Ellington, SG, UNC. A position of need along with power forward, so it's either Ellington or Blair. Unless a trade is made Ellington is a starter from day one and all he's done is win.

Phoenix Suns - Dejuan Blair, PF, Pitt. Either he moves Amare to center of plays center himself. Which ever decision is made it helps Phoenix run and gun. He adds toughness to a team that needs it. Whichever small you plug into the system seems to work so adding a big that isn't too big is what should be done in the draft.

Detroit Pistons - Eric Maynor, PG, VCU. The Rodney Stuckey point guard experiment didn't work. It's either Maynor or Ty Lawson at this point and I hope they take Maynor. The Pistons are stuck with 4 players for 3 positions if they make this pick so look for a trade before the season, possibly Chris Bosh.

Chicago Bulls - BJ Mullens, C, Ohio State. When you don't know what to do, draft big. They need to replace Ben Gordon, he's not coming back, but there aren't any good 2's left. If they do a sign and trade they should get a shooting guard in return.

Philadelphia 76ers - Brandon Jennings, PG, USA. He went to Europe instead of to college which could have turned out worse, I guess. He might not have got paid ever, instead of wasn't sure when he would get paid. They need an Andre Miller replacement and this kid is awesome, he shouldn't slip this far but if he does the 6ers will jump all over it.

Minnesota Timberwolves - James Johnson, SF, Wake Forest.

Atlanta Hawks - Ty Lawson, PG, UNC. Acie "Law" Earl IV, isn't exactly working out. Either Ty or Earl Clark.

Utah Jazz - Earl Clark, SF, Louisville. They need a 2 or a 3 so a 6'10" small forward helps.

New Orleans Hornets - Tyler Hansborough, PF, UNC. You know what you're getting with Tyler and it's a hard worker with actual game and he's NBA tall. Good at ping-pong too.

Dallas Mavericks - Jrue Holiday, PG, UCLA. Jason Kidd ain't lasting forever.

Sacramento Kings - Terrence Williams, SF, Louisville. This gives them an actual roster of starters. Crazy.

Portland Trailblazers - Trade. They package a player or two and add a veteran. Yes, I cheated.

OKC - Darren Collison, PG, UCLA. Back together and it feels so good. Re-united with Russel Westbrook who it turns out is better then Darren.

Chicago Bulls - Damion James, PF, Texas. Why not.

Memphis Grizzlies - Taj Gibson, SF, USC. Is Rudy Gay good? Is Taj Gibson a starter? We'll find out.

Minnesota Timberwolves - Omir Casspi, PF, Israel. Why not?

L.A. Lakers - Goran Suton, C, Michigan State. GUESSING!!!!!???

Cleveland Cavs - Dajuan Summers, SF, Georgetown. Everyone not named Lebron sucks on this team. Except for Mo Williams.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

NBA Finals Prediction

Break it down via position. Prediction at the end or on twitter 10 minutes ago.

Point Guard- Derek Fisher versus Rafer Alston. Fish is to old for this game and it started showing against the Rockets in round two. Aaron Brooks ran circles around him and I think "Skip To My Lou" may do the same thing in this series. I hear good things about Fish in the locker room but I heard the same things about Lindsey Hunter and he hasn't started for anyone this century. Adavantage Orlando.

Shooting Guard- Kobe Bryant versus Courtney Lee. Do I even need to break this down? Courtney is hoping to slow Kobe down that's it. Advantage Lakers.

Small Forward- Trevor Ariza versus Rashard Lewis. Ariza was traded to LA from Orlando for nothing and that was a mistake. Rashard Lewis let Orlando bid against themselves to pay him a max contract, this has turned out to be worth it because they are in the finals. Rashard is the better player but sometimes tries to do to much. Ariza is not allowed to try to do to much because Kobe would stab him. Ariza knocks down threes and plays good defense. He's also an athletic freak. Rashard can play inside or out but is usually waiting for an open three when his man doubles Dwight. Rashard is also an athletic freak. Advantage Orlando.

Power Forward- Pau Gasol versus Hedo Turkoglu. This is the best match-up of the starters but they are very different player. Pau plays at the elbow or lower and is looking to pass first I unless Kobe tells him to get points. Hero plays point forward at times, loves to hit a step back three as a clock expires. I think Hedo can guard Pau better then Pau can guard Hedo and Hedo will see Ariza try to guard him as well. Advantage Lakers, barely.

Center- Andrew Bynum versus Dwight Howard. Not close, Kobe is still mad Bynum wasn't traded for Jason Kidd last year (he seems obsessed with old ass point guards that won't take his shots... Oh I get it). Bynum has gotten hurt the last two years and has not gotten better as quickly as LA would like, especially since they gave him a huge contract for no reason. Dwight Howard is the most athletic superstar not named Lebron James, this is good and bad. He hasn't developed a post up game but can out rebound anyone on either end. Bynum is going to get embarassed by Howard's athleticism. Advantage Orlando.

Benches- Shannon Brown, Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, Sasha Vujacic versus Jameer Nelson, Mickael Pietrus, Marcin Gortat and Tony Battie. Lamar Odom should be starting over Bynum because the match-ups are better and he is a better player. Shannon Brown is one of the toughest Lakers and was only brought in so the Lakers could dump Radmanovics contract on Charlotte. Have the Bobcats met a terrible contract that they haven't liked? Jameer Nelson has been out since February and anything he gives Orlando is a bonus, Pietrus needs to play defense and hit threes. Advantage LA but it's closer then it looks.

Coaching- Phil Jackson versus Stan Van. Phil Jackson has 9 rings. Pat Riley took over the Heat because he didn't trust Stan to win the championship that the refs eventually gave to Dwyane Wade. Advantage LA.

I don't think the match-ups are good for LA but the coaching is big because Stan Van hates making adjustments. Luckily for him I think the adjustments will have to be made by LA in this series. And I just saw that Orlando is putting Lewis on Gasol which seems stupid to me.

I'm picking Orlando in 5 games and Kobe doesn't win another championship as the top guy on a squad.

Wrote this on my Iphone, sorry it looks bad.