Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mostly My Bracket

This is the general consensus of what my bracket consists of, some randomness ensues but this is the majority of my picks (I'm hedging with Baylor and ND in the Final Four, sorry).

Mid-West 1st round upsets:

San Diego State. Stay classy.

East 1st round upsets:

Cornell. Andy Bernard.
Washington. Isaiah Thomas.

East 1st round upsets:

St. Mary's

West 1st round upsets

UTEP. They have Caracter.
Murray State. Flight of the Conchords pick.

Sweet Sixteen

Zags, Utep, Xavier, KState, Nova, Baylor/ND, aTm, Duke, WVU, New Mexico, Scons, KY, KU, Mary Land, GT, OSU

Elite Eight

KU, OSU, Scons, WVU, Baylor/ND, aTm, Utep, Kstate

Final Four

KU, Kstate, Baylor/ND, WVU


KU over WVU

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Why I Still Love MySpace

"Well is there any normal guy that is actually good to the person that they r with? a down to earth person that dont freak out over the little bullshit in life that dont even matter, n dont let it ruin their plans? im tired of the back n forth games guys play n its prolly cuz of the age, but i wish i knew someone who knows what they want instead of someone who ain't sure, so is playing the 'i love u' one day & 'i hate u' the next day game. thats jus bullshit to do that to someone. well gimme sum feedback on this one!"

I'm assuming the chick that wrote this wanted her boyfriend to ignore her kissing other dudes, that ain't cheatin 'less my bra comes off!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Never more scared of FUN