Monday, April 19, 2010

My Mock Draft

I'm going to draft based on NFL GM's being idiots, not the fact the Suh is the best player in this draft.

STL- Sam Bradford - at least he isn't injury prone. Bust percentage 65.

DTL- Ndamakuh Suh - A stud. 10 years at least as a dominant player.

TBB - Gerald McCoy- Let's try not to out think ourselves.

WSR - Russell Okung - A left tackle. Big surprise. Lockdown.

KCC - Jimmy Clausen - Weis and Clausen. USC QB Cassell can be seen somewhere else. Contract looked good, but it actually isn't.

STS - Trent Williams - Offensive Tackle. Why not.

CLB - Eric Berry - Best available player and who doesn't need a Safety.

OKR - Bryan Bulaga - If one Iowa tackle doesn't work, try again.

BFB - CJ Spiller - Hi Mr. Playmaker, welcome to Canada.

JVJ - Dez Bryant - They need a WR playmaker, it makes to much sense to actually happen.

DVB - Joe Haden - They need an offensive player but none are there. Trade could happen.

MID - Rolando McClain - Defensive stand-out.

SF9 - Bruce Campbell - Tackle protects QB.

STS - Derrick Morgan - Help both lines with your 2 1st rounders. Done. and. Done.

NYG - Jason Pierre-Paul - Defensive Line? Defensive Line. Always.

TNT - Mike Iupati - Offensive Line is how you protect Vince. Fact.

SF9 - Earl Thomas - Outstanding Safety.

PTS - Brandon Graham - Best available pass rusher. They wish a QB was available.

ATL - Sean Witherspoon - Best player available.

HST - Maurice Pouncey - Offensive Line is sexy.

CNB - Kyle Wilson - A good cornerback, shocking.

NEP - Taylor Mays - They love players.

GBP- Sergio Kindle - Their defense was terrible. This helps.

PHE - Jared Odrick - No question, defense needs to be addressed.

BTR - Golden Tate - He is fucking awesome. Fact.

AZC - Jermaine Gresham - Leonard Pope sucks.

DLC - Jared Odrick - Defensive Line? Sure, why not.

SDC - Jhavid Best - Some Running Back left, they might as well replace him.

NYJ - Dan Williams- Rex like defense!

MNV - Anthony Davis - Protection for some QB no one has ever liked.

IDC - Jerry Hughes - Defensive help.

NOS - Kareem Jackson - More defensive help.