Thursday, June 04, 2009

NBA Finals Prediction

Break it down via position. Prediction at the end or on twitter 10 minutes ago.

Point Guard- Derek Fisher versus Rafer Alston. Fish is to old for this game and it started showing against the Rockets in round two. Aaron Brooks ran circles around him and I think "Skip To My Lou" may do the same thing in this series. I hear good things about Fish in the locker room but I heard the same things about Lindsey Hunter and he hasn't started for anyone this century. Adavantage Orlando.

Shooting Guard- Kobe Bryant versus Courtney Lee. Do I even need to break this down? Courtney is hoping to slow Kobe down that's it. Advantage Lakers.

Small Forward- Trevor Ariza versus Rashard Lewis. Ariza was traded to LA from Orlando for nothing and that was a mistake. Rashard Lewis let Orlando bid against themselves to pay him a max contract, this has turned out to be worth it because they are in the finals. Rashard is the better player but sometimes tries to do to much. Ariza is not allowed to try to do to much because Kobe would stab him. Ariza knocks down threes and plays good defense. He's also an athletic freak. Rashard can play inside or out but is usually waiting for an open three when his man doubles Dwight. Rashard is also an athletic freak. Advantage Orlando.

Power Forward- Pau Gasol versus Hedo Turkoglu. This is the best match-up of the starters but they are very different player. Pau plays at the elbow or lower and is looking to pass first I unless Kobe tells him to get points. Hero plays point forward at times, loves to hit a step back three as a clock expires. I think Hedo can guard Pau better then Pau can guard Hedo and Hedo will see Ariza try to guard him as well. Advantage Lakers, barely.

Center- Andrew Bynum versus Dwight Howard. Not close, Kobe is still mad Bynum wasn't traded for Jason Kidd last year (he seems obsessed with old ass point guards that won't take his shots... Oh I get it). Bynum has gotten hurt the last two years and has not gotten better as quickly as LA would like, especially since they gave him a huge contract for no reason. Dwight Howard is the most athletic superstar not named Lebron James, this is good and bad. He hasn't developed a post up game but can out rebound anyone on either end. Bynum is going to get embarassed by Howard's athleticism. Advantage Orlando.

Benches- Shannon Brown, Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, Sasha Vujacic versus Jameer Nelson, Mickael Pietrus, Marcin Gortat and Tony Battie. Lamar Odom should be starting over Bynum because the match-ups are better and he is a better player. Shannon Brown is one of the toughest Lakers and was only brought in so the Lakers could dump Radmanovics contract on Charlotte. Have the Bobcats met a terrible contract that they haven't liked? Jameer Nelson has been out since February and anything he gives Orlando is a bonus, Pietrus needs to play defense and hit threes. Advantage LA but it's closer then it looks.

Coaching- Phil Jackson versus Stan Van. Phil Jackson has 9 rings. Pat Riley took over the Heat because he didn't trust Stan to win the championship that the refs eventually gave to Dwyane Wade. Advantage LA.

I don't think the match-ups are good for LA but the coaching is big because Stan Van hates making adjustments. Luckily for him I think the adjustments will have to be made by LA in this series. And I just saw that Orlando is putting Lewis on Gasol which seems stupid to me.

I'm picking Orlando in 5 games and Kobe doesn't win another championship as the top guy on a squad.

Wrote this on my Iphone, sorry it looks bad.

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