Thursday, May 20, 2010


How does JJ Redick make the worst play possible in the final moments of an Eastern Conference Finals game? He went to one of the best schools in America. FOR FOUR YEARS. Coach K is supposedly the best college coach in America, you would think he would be able to explain common sense to his players... Yet, there was JJ dribbling the ball up court and then stopping on the wrong side of half court and finally calling a time out. Is this JJ's fault of Stan Van's fault? It is JJ's fault only because if you're playing in the NBA you have to KNOW THE RULES!!!! Either go hard for a basket or call a time out immediately not a combination of the two. JJ thought he could be a hero and force overtime with a Gordan Heyward like heave, then he remembered that teams play defense in the NBA and he called a time out.

JJ Redick is officially an idiot.

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