Saturday, August 08, 2009

I hate PEDs!!!!

I hope I'm not the first person to write this. If I cared enough I could google it I guess, but I don't care enough. I HATE BOTH THE RED SOX AND THE YANKEES! When the Rays broke through last year I was ecstatic, the AL East means something new. It is not the same old, same old, cheaters don't always win, sometimes the underdog can take out the favorite. Then this year happened, somehow the SAWX won the first EIGHT game against the YANX and took control of the East, except they still trailed the YANX when this series started on Thursday. Clue to MLB EVERYONE HATES THE YANX AND SAWX, these teams are the same to everyone else, they spend a bonanza on anyone they want and if the free agents don't fit their fancy they claim that payrolls are down. This is ridiculous, Boston fans hate A-Roid because they couldn't come up with TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS to pay him. Can you imagine how bad the Mitchell Report would look if A-Roid were a SAWX player? George left out Manny and Papi because they play for BAWSTON he would left out A-ROID just the same. MLB is in a terrible state, where every player is guilty, there is no innocense in baseball.
Did Tim Wakefield use? Did Gerald Laird? Did Alan Trammell? At this point you couldn't convine Helen Keller that anyone was innocent of PEDs. Yes, PEDs, is what we have to call them, since there are so many different drugs that those guys have taken to advance themseves. The high school/college player doesn't have to blame a coach for not giving him the proper oppurtunty anymore, now he can blame PEDs whatever those are. I first heard of PEDs my Freshman year of high school when someone was hurt before football season and came back stronger then ever. The rumor existed among everyone,but who would let a coach know about him, let them figure it out on their own right? He played his senior year with no questions as I remember...
I never even thought about PEDs after that moment in conditioning drills my freshman year of high school, I didn't play much in high school football, is that my fault? I like to think that I didn't earn a spot on a team, but did I get screwed over by PEDs? Did my friends and teammates get screwed over by PEDs? I hope not, I've never really even thought about it since that one day, my freshman year when everyone heard the rumor about this one guy. Can I come up with names of people that I think may have used PEDs during HS to better themselves, YES I CAN. I'd never imagined that they would have used them until I wrote this artictle, do I think I got screwed over by drugs, not at all, I should have worked harder in the weight room, but during pratices I gave my all, did everyone? I honestly don't know, we were a BAD HS football team my senior year and didn't get much better until a new coach took over and made sure everyone started lifting weights. Do I think anyone on my bad football team beat me out of a postition because they were on a PED? No. I honestly think that I got beaten out by people that were "better" then me. I honestly can't name more the two or three people that I think may have taken PEDs on my HS football team 12 years ago, but do I think it's rampant among HS athletes now? YES, I do, with no factual information to back it up, I would assume people of all walks are taking to the PEDs as an advantage. I'm no longer shocked by anyone having a positive test and I wouldn't be shocked by anyone testing positive at this point.
Where does this leave athletics? In a terrible place where you are guilty until proven innocent. Release the names on the 2003 list MLB, Shawn Merriman is a known cheater in the NFL, Rashard Lewis just tested positive which throws the Magic's Eastern Conference run under scrutiny. No one is innocent as I see it, everyone could have done some form of PEDs, it's been 14 year since I first heard of them and not much has been down to break away from the Mark McGwire/Barry Bonds era. Athletes are suspended everyday it seems like and I'm sick of it. They just banned a certain type of swimsuit in the swimming races, how about we come up with tougher tests for the swimmers and let them wear whatever they want. Lance gets tested constantly according to him and he's never tested positive, he is the only athlete I beleive is innocent of everything, well him and Rich Garces. TEST EVERYONE PUBLICLY! This seems like the only way out. Either piss in a cup or get out the way. I would do anything to be a pro athlete but I wouldn't take an illegal drug, or was I never offered an illegal drug...

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