Monday, August 17, 2009

Finally a Bat

Aubrey Huff the former Devil Ray and Oriole is now a member of the Detroit Tigers. He can play third base so that Raburn can just be an outfielder after that disaster on Sunday. He can play first base which allows Cabby days off or days at DH and Guillen days off. Best of all he can play outfield which gives Clete "Country" Thomas days off and Magglio "PED" (allegedly) Ordonez days off. Hopefully the Tigers can avoid getting Mags the 80 or so at bats he needs to vest his 18 million dollar season next year. I'd almost be willing to miss the playoffs this year if it meant no mo Mags, it would free up 15 million dollars for next year, along with Sheffield's contract coming off the books they can buy a full time bat for the outfield next year and maybe re-sign Washburn. This is the lineup I'd like to see most of the time.

Laird/Avila -C

Lefty righty for 2/3 of the lineup then it's just a toss up anyway, plus the ability to switch Inge with Raburn and putting Huff at third helps the lineup, while Inge blames his knee for his second half collapse.

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