Saturday, September 26, 2009

Top 25

1. Florida - Tebow should not have been in the game when he almost died.
2. Texas - Colt McCoy only misses his mustache.
3. Alabama - Wait until Saban starts recruiting...
4. Boise State - The Oregon win is looking better every week.
5. LSU - Avoided the scare this week, but won't last the year.
6. Cincinnati - Michigan State probably should have hired Brian Kelly.
7. Va Tech - The U was MIA.
8. USC - Bounced back, Washington did not.
9. Iowa - Kirk Ferentz will not go to the NFL until JoePa retires.
10. Ohio State - I don't know what to do with them.
11. TCU - A very good team in a bad conference.
12. Houston - A very good team in a bad conference.
13. Miami - The U was MIA... they don't like water.
14. Kansas - Todd Reesing and Jake Sharp like Dez Briscoe.
15. Oklahoma - The mustached man looks pretty good.
16. Michigan - Big 10 officials are awful. Anybody disagree?
17. Oregon - Are making Boise State look better and better.
18. Penn State - JoePa is owned by Ferentz and is old enough to remember slavery.
19. Ole Miss - Collapsed from being way, way, way, overrated.
20. Oklahoma State - Paid Grambling to rape them.
21. Cal - The annual Calapse.
22. Missouri - Have four wins against teams that had combined for 1 win over D-1 teams.
23. Auburn - I don't know, do you?
24. UGA - I don't know, do you?
25. Notre Dame - They show how hard it is to win when you only play 3 quarters and the other team plays all 4.

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